Each Gingerbread Shop is custom packed for your school!

All Gingerbread Shop products are sold to you on consignment; you only pay for what you sell

The Gingerbread Shop is shipped to your school with easy-to-follow set-up and inventory directions. If you run low on an item after your shop opens, we will overnight products to you for the start of your next business day. (Excludes: Alaska, Hawaii, and Customers outside of the USA)

Gifts appeal to elementary students and customized for Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, Sister, Brother, Best Friends, pets, babies, and more. We will include a suggested retail price; however, you are free to set your own price guidelines and establish your profit.

The Gingerbread Shop is designed to be a safe, child centered environment where children can learn how to shop, budget and spend wisely, while also experiencing “the joy of giving”. Students will have the opportunity to choose gifts for family and friends at a reasonable price.

We also include, at no cost to your group . . .

Sponsor Guide Book with everything you need to know to put on an exciting Christmas themed event for your students!

  • Parent Letters – Personalized for your school and printed for each student
  • Pre-printed Teacher Letters
  • Santa Hats for your helpers to wear
  • Christmas Music CD to play during your Gingerbread Shop
  • A “Giant Stocking” Raffle Prize
  • Mini Candy Canes for shoppers
  • Bags ~ Budget Envelopes ~ Color Posters ~ Price Cards ~ Table Cloths
  • Cash Registers are available upon request
  • Smart Phone & Computer Cash Register Apps
  • Display cases for many items
  • All shipping costs to and from your location are at our expense!
  • When you sign up for your 2nd year with us, we will supply you with 5% of your retail worth of Gingerbread Bucks for your next year’s shop
  • Example: Your group sells $5,000.00 ~ The next year you will receive $250.00 worth of Gingerbread Bucks to be distributed at your discretion

We can also customize your shop to meet YOUR PARTICULAR NEEDS; we specialize in organizations with unique requests, price points, religious affiliations, and more! Schools that return their contracts early are also privy to specialized team merchandise, ex: college teams, NFL, NBA, NHL and more!

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